New Perspectives on Risk Management
Risk Research for Business and Economic Growth

ESOF2006, Markets, Innovation and Experimental Economics

PROGRES 22nd, Anticipating the deregulation of the pension system in Europe,Geneva Association, Geneva

  Intellectual Property at the Edge - Meredith Memorial Lecture Series McGill Univ., 17-18 March, 2006

 IPRs, Trade and Experimental Economics

    Stockholm Network, Vol 2 Nr 2, page 4, New!

 Trading Intellectual Property (Patents), WIPO Seminar, New!

A Risk Management Approach to the Cost of Capital - Great Challenges for Business, Insurance and Regulators , PROGRES, IV. p7-10, Geneva Association

 Patenting and economic development, Swedish Government's Research Council

ESOF 2004, Risk Management Perspective on Patenting

Sweden to look at innovation and patenting
Press release (in Swedish)

Database of 45m(!) patent documents, OPS


IKU helps its clients to identify the commercial risks and package  them so they can be managed via economic markets

In doing so companies can choose the risk exposure in the position they have or plan to enter.

Intellectual property is the most important resource for companies and countries today.
    IKU advises companies on patenting, financial solutions and IT to develop a successful business and economic climate, now and into the future (experimental economics will be used)

SME initiative on risk management for companies up to 100mEuro

SME initiative on intellectual property (patents) for increased profit New!


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