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Patenting, Finance and Risk Management

A new perspective on risk management is using patenting in a market context. The traditional use of patents as an instrument to exclude others in producing is being complemented and replaced by a more market oriented use of the right. Here the patent instrument is used in to "trade" (technical) knowledge for other private knowledge. The aim being to create market access in a particular market (country) for a particular hi-tech product or service.

The trade aspects of patenting and intellectual property in general as are brought into use here. Patenting is becoming a business like any business with "products" and "services". By trading these rights - often through complex cross licensing deals -  risk can be mitigated or transferred from actors to others to reduce risk in for example the commercialization process.

Patent portfolio management and other techniques like business intelligence forms the basis of a company's systematic business use of its corporate wide technical capabilities.

The financial aspects of patenting allow companies to trade these rights in financial markets.

IKU helps its clients to identify the commercial risks and package them so they can be managed via economic markets, in this case through the patent instrument.

IKU advises companies on: patenting, IT and financial solutions to develop a successful business, now and into the future.




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