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Financial Solutions and Risk Management

Risk management has traditionally been associated with financial risk. This risk is the most easily to package and manage via capital markets. However, many projects need to first mitigate certain business risks in order to reach investment grade.

IKU develops a financial solutions in cooperation with financial experts and a research institute in central and retail banking. The solutions are designed to supports and be fully integrated with the business strategy of the company. The solution thus follows the investment strategy decided by the company board.

Taking this strategic approach to finance, projects that initially may not have investment grade, may be financed through the sharing of risk - and profits - over a larger set of actors. Creating such more efficient mechanisms to absorb business risk, enables investors with different risk appetite to be invited. A wider whole spectrum of financial institutions and capital markets and derivative instrument can be used to finance exceptionally risky and rewarding projects.

One field of special interest to these kind of solutions are large infrastructure investments. Private-public-partnerships another.

IKU helps its clients to identify the commercial risks and package them so they can be managed via economic markets, in this case through the patent instrument.


IKU cooperates on special issues with the financial research institute, Center for Banking and Finance, CEFIN at KTH.



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