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IT and Risk Management

Without proper information and systems strategy any management attempt fails. This is also true for too much information. Today with information technology, in particular interactive technologies like the Internet, web-technologies, etc, completely new strategies can be realized since the processes at the customer's end can be controlled also.

IKU has developed a strategic approach to the use and management of IT based on the business use (value) driven by the need to manage risk and uncertainty. The approach is adaptive to company IT history, position and future investments. As an outcome, prioritized strategic investment areas are identified as well as meeting the management challenges.


On the general five step approach to risk management, IT enables companies
to better control the performance of the products and services provided to their customers after step 3. With this approach also relevant information to the risk management process for the customer can be selected, reducing the information overload for both parties.

1. Warrants
2. Financial services
3. Technical services
4. IT
5. Management of customer's risk

IKU helps its clients to identify the commercial risks and package them so they can be managed via economic markets, in this case through business information and IT.

IKU advises companies on using IT as a strategic tool to develop a successful business, now and into the future.




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