IKU helps its clients to manage their risks and develop new opportunities in today's more complex and uncertain business environment. The purpose is to increase profits (companies) and economic efficiency (governments). This diversified client base includes corporations as well as government agencies and international organizations. Risk related services include:

  • Workshops for policy/strategy input
  • Research
  • Consulting
  • Processes (partners)
  • New markets
    Partner reference


    Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science, GMU, Washington D.C., USA

    Copper Stockholm Sweden

IKU helps its clients to identify the commercial risks and package them so they can be managed via economic markets.

In doing so companies can choose the risk exposure in the position they have or plan to enter.

Intellectual property here plays a critical role. IKU advises companies on: management, patenting, IT and financial solutions to develop a successful business, now and into the future.

In the relationship with our clients we seek to work interactively, teaming up with executives and experts to cover a broad range of strategic challenges. In "up-framing" the issues of risk and opportunity in such a way, our clients benefit from a systemic analysis of the competitive market helping them to identify a clear set of opportunities for the future and consequences on how to manage the risks involved in the different options.

New markets can be created for assets. This includes design of market institutions (with partners).

A new initiative has been developed risk management for growth of SMEs up to 100mEuro New! This initiative helps companies match their risk management capabilities to the commercial risks in growing the company.



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