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If you are a company or person working in the field of risk, welcome to join the network!
Key characteristics: Highly specialized and experienced, high interest in the risk field and high customer integrity.


Publications of research / studies for international organizations and newsletters.

A Risk Management Approach to the Cost of Capital --- Great Challenges for Business, Insurance and Regulators , PROGRES, Issue 41 p.7-10, Geneva Association, 2005

Public Participation in Risk Management, ESOF 2004, The first pan-European Scientific Meeting ever!, 2004

Financial Risk and the Patenting System - A Risk Management Approach, PROGRES, Geneva Association, 2004

Strategic Questions Regarding the Patenting System - Global Markets Demand IPR Protection, United Nations Economic Commission For Europe, Investment Promotion Series, Geneva and New York, 2003

Economic Aspects of Patenting in the Global Economy, PROGRES, Geneva Association, 2003


Related work in other contexts.

Coming paper : The Cost of Capital for Patent Active Companies

Risk Management - From Portfolio Strategy to Value Creating Systems Strategy, Ullberg, et. al., The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice, 2002

Relations between Research, Innovations, Patent and Economic development (in Swedish), Swedish Research Council, Hearing, 2004

New Values in the e-Gutenberg World: The Future of the Media Industry (in Swedish), Företagens Service AB, 2001


New Perspectives on Risk Management


Eskil Ullberg on five historic steps of Risk Management by companies ŕ





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