Typical customers and needs are related to managing the business risk and uncertainty better. This includes business, for higher profit, government for regulations/infrastructure and international organizations for international agreements.

International Business

Companies, operating within today's global knowledge economy, are constantly challenged in managing the risks associated with these opportunities. IKU may advise companies on how to better manage their risk in a market context. This may involve selling some risks (and returns) through new financial or other instruments. Risks are best traded in markets and here new opportunities could be developed in:

  • Intellectual Property Rights - focus on patents to creating market access ("freedom to act") as a strategic positioning
  • Insurance - insurance markets (finance)
  • Transport infrastructure - transport market base on value of transport (and time)
  • Energy - energy markets
  • Electricity - consumer electricity markets


Many governments are challenged on the issue of intellectual property rights. A key issue being to strike a balance between enforcement - which attracts foreign companies and stimulates trade - and freedom to act for the local industry. This issue is not easily settled and often need adjustment. IKU can organize workshops with leading foreign and national industry representatives and government trade and regulatory bodies to meet in an interactive format. The themes can be foreign direct investment,  and other issues leading to making the country a better trading partner. This can be done for a selected area where the country in question is strong or more generally. Examples include government agencies in IP intensive countries.

Another area is the use of financial markets and instruments for better managing risk in the financial infrastructure.

Also the use if information technology in making public administration more effective, transparent and customer oriented.

International Organizations

International organizations include work in the three areas: intellectual property rights, financial deregulation and use of information technology in public administrations. Experience include work with

  • UN/ECE
  • WIPO
  • The European Patent office
  • Geneva Association
  • European Science Forum
  • Values on Decisions on Risk
  • The World Bank

New Perspectives on Risk Management




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